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Our company accepts payments with bank transfer.

Horgolt fejpánt minta | Bullet journal, Journal

Our bank account number: Account Holder: Serbánné Szondi Ágnes If you pay by bank transfer, please give us which wire you would like to order, and your email address.

We fejpánt az emberek kezelésében send an invoice about the order. After we receive the bank transfer, we activate your package. You will be able to use all frequencys on the page after activation.

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With this package, you can use our website with your own laptop, desktop, tablet, or with your smartphone. To complete this order, order our therapist have to travel to the location of the patients.

These treatments require a Scio Bioresonance machine and operator. They can be bought, all of them are oil paint, canvas, framed original paintings.

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They are all unique pricing. Contact: serban. Payment method is only by bank transfer. Bank account number: Account Holder: Serbánné Szondi Ágnes. If you pay by bank transfer, please give me which picture you would like to order, the address.

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All machines are equipped with 1 newest control software, 1 leg strap, 1 headband, training materials. Laptop on demand. Education on demand. Personal presence or distance learning is available.

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This includes written and video tutorials. In addition, it contains the treatment techniques and training materials specially developed by BIO HARMONY 5 year developmentapplications, fejpánt az emberek kezelésében, all of the management enhancements, and the software automation.

Managing people who are less responsive to a helminták típusa és betegségeik becomes easier to treat. Time spent on software control decreases.

Fejpánt az emberek kezelésében

The automata performs most of the tasks for most treatment technicians, only machine supervision is required. This makes it easy for an operator to apply multiple machines at the same time. Especially recommended for operators. With this technique, a novice operator can easily use Scio and Eductor. Csaba: I used to believe in physical, evident and concrete things, but we always learn, we are changed as well. Few years ago I read the experiments of Dr Masaru Emoto, so I started to load water with frequencies with wires.

Bioresonance Prices-Contact

Its effect surprisingly occurred soon. At first I used only one frequency, but later I tried to use more frequencies simultaneously. The effects occurred separately. So, more problems can cured in this way.

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I hope lots of you will be interested in this opportunity, and you will also use it and thus it will be spread quickly. Please try to write as much feedback as you can, so many good experiences cannot be suppressed by negative ones.

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Please do NOT copy the tracks you have, because they may become distorted as a false sound wave. The significant amount of the money I get will be used for updates, experiments and newer inventions will be financed in the hope of a better world.